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Home Heating Oil Spill Cleanup in Norwalk, Danbury, Stratford

Get fast response and expert cleanup for a fuel oil leak or spill

Oil tank leak in basement

Leaked oil can get into surrounding soil, cracks, drains and beneath floors and walls.

No matter how big or small the fuel oil spill, successful cleanup depends on a quick response and proper methods. Whether a small amount of oil has leaked from the tank or pipes or the oil tank was overfilled, the experts at ServiceMaster of Greater Bridgeport are trained to handle emergency spills and help you with the cleanup, remediation and odor removal.

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Signs of a possible oil leak

The following signs can help you to identify a heating oil tank leak or conditions that may lead to a leak:

  • Rusty, loose or bent tank legs that may not be able to properly support the tank
  • Poor condition of oil tank lines
  • Wet spots or rust on the outer surface of the tank
  • Old or unused fuel lines that may be accidentally filled
  • Oil stains or drips around the tank, fuel lines or piping
  • Strong fuel oil odor around the tank
  • Damaged or frozen fuel-level gauge or signs of fuel around the gauge
  • Tank vent that's clogged or blocked by snow, ice or insect nests
  • Signs of an oil spill around the fill pipe or vent pipe

What to do if you have a fuel oil spill

If you have an oil spill in your home, it's important to act immediately to help prevent further damage. Here are some steps to take:

Oil spill clean up in basement

Prevent an explosion or fire

  • Turn off all flames, including pilot lights, candles, etc.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes or light matches in the area.
  • Do not use light switches, outlets or any other electrical equipment or power tools that could cause a spark or get hot.

Ventilate the area

  • Open outside doors & windows to allow in fresh air.
  • Turn off forced hot air heating and/or central air conditioning.
  • Close cold-air returns, heat registers and other openings that may allow fumes to enter living areas.
  • Keep the door between the basement and first floor closed and seal gaps around the door with plastic.

Report it

If you smell or see standing oil:

  • Call your local fire department.
  • Call the 24-hour spills hotline at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).
  • Hire a professional like ServiceMaster of Greater Bridgeport to help with the cleanup.

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If you are a resident of Norwalk, Danbury, Stratford or the surrounding area and you have experienced an oil leak or spill in your home, contact ServiceMaster of Greater Bridgeport today for complete cleanup, odor removal and remediation help. We are the area's trusted professional cleaning and remediation company.

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