What Causes Mold In A House?

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 by Paul Plouffe

Service Master Mold Removal Team


Flooding is one of the leading cause of mold growth. This mostly affects basement spaces that take a long time to dry after a flooding incident. Many basements are finished, living space which can make keeping them dry before or getting them dry quickly after a flooding incident.

Leaking Roof

Houses that have older roofs and chimneys are more prone to leakage than newer ones ,but did you know that most of the mold remediation done by our company has to do with improper ventilation from within. Moisture gets trapped inside the home and creates opportunities for all sorts of mold which normally grow outside to grow inside! Regular inspections of your attic are advisable especially corners, edges, and contents that you may be storing for longer periods of time.

Leaking Pipes

Water leakage could go unnoticed especially behind walls. This water could migrate through walls for weeks, even months, creating a great deal of mold which although is “invisible” may be compromising your indoor air quality. There are meters and camera’s that can inspect these areas available on the market and can range in price from under one hundred dollars to many thousands.


Humid conditions coupled with or followed by rain are one of the leading cause of mold formation in your house. Recommended indoor relative humidity should be kept between 40- 50%  in New England to minimize the opportunity for growth.

Damp/Wet Clothes

A pile of wet/damp clothes could cause mold to grow on them. It is always a good idea to dry clothes immediately after they are washed.

Poor Ventilation

When you have poor ventilation, wet surfaces take longer to dry up. This causes lodged water to create mold inside the house. Basements are most affected by this poor circulation as are attics. Have them checked regularly to ensure proper temperature and relativity are maintained throughout the year.

Following these simple guidelines will help keep your home a safer and healthier place to live year round.

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