Sandbags Prove to Be a Temporary Fix Against Flooding

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Sandbags are very effective at temporarily blocking and redirecting the flow of water during a flooding situation.  Sandbags are usually used to construct a dike or reinforce an existing one. To use them effectively, follow these simple steps:

  • Work in 2 person teams to fill bags. One shovels while the other holds the bag open. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from sand.  
  • Fill bags halfway to prevent them from getting too heavy.  Sandbags Prove to Be a Temporary Fix Against Flooding
  • Fold the tops into a triangle and tuck under the filled bag.
  • Stack the bags lengthwise in the direction of the flow of water with the folded ends pointing upstream.  
  • When stacking bags layer them in staggered layers like bricks to fill in any corners. Place one level lengthwise and the next crosswise for added stability.  
  • Stomp down each layer as you add it to fill in as many cracks and crevices as possible.
  • Build a wall 4-6 feet high.

Once you have put up sandbags, it’s time to get out. The fill used in the sandbags can eventually become saturated and the dike can fail.

If you are experiencing heavy flooding, ServiceMaster Clean of Bridgeport has experienced CT disaster restoration experts that can quickly respond to your flooding emergency. Their specialists are available in Norwalk, Stratford, Trumbull, the surrounding areas of Bridgeport, Monroe, Newtown, Southport, Westport, Fairfield, and other nearby towns.


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