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What is a Hydroxyl Generator?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 by Bruce Carney

Hydroxl Generator

A hydroxyl generator is an appliance that draws in contaminated air through a fan, passes through a UV coil, and releases purified air with hydroxyls (Oxygen atom with a covalent bond to a hydrogen atom).  The hydroxyl molecules then decontaminate surfaces and contents.

Hydroxyls are a natural occurring molecules in the atmosphere.  When ultraviolet light from the sun reaches water vapors in the atmosphere the chemical reaction forms hydroxyls.

What the hydroxyl generator does is recreate this process in a much smaller scale.  What is created from the UV ionization process is a OH Radical.  The OH Radical is the hydroxyl ion.  This ion can pick up impurities in the contaminated environment.

The benefit of using a hydroxyl generator in deodorization is humans, pets, and plants can remain in the dwelling, unlike the use of an ozone machine, and saves on the cost of lodging at another location.  The only downside is it takes a lot longer to work effectively than an ozone machine.  

Hydroxyl Generator

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